Grassley: Joe Biden ‘Has Explaining To Do’ Over Hunter Biden Probe


Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has “a lot of explaining to do” about his son and brother’s business dealings, which were potentially criminal in nature, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) said on Monday, just hours before Biden for the second time this month dodged a question about the federal probe into his son’s affairs.

Grassley said the report that he and Senate Governmental Affairs Chairman Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) recently published showed that Hunter Biden and his associates and family members were connected to Chinese nationals and Chinese companies linked to the Chinese Communist Party.

“Records show that a company linked to the communist regime sent Hunter Biden law firm millions of dollars. Other records show that Hunter Biden opened a line of credit with a Chinese national linked to the communist regime and funded it with approximately $100,000. And then he, James Biden, and Sarah Biden went on an extravagant global spending spree,” Grassley said.

Grassley, who outlined other ties he says are concerning, added that he believes Hunter and James Biden “essentially served as agents of the communist government for purposes of their registering under the Foreign Agents Registration Act,” before noting that a newly uncovered email shows that Joe Biden was one of several “office mates” with some of the Chinese nationals.

“Based on all the facts known to date, Joe Biden has a lot of explaining to do,” he said.

Just hours later, Biden gave an address to the nation in which he declared victory in the 2020 election and denied that voter fraud happened.

At the end of the address, a reporter shouted, “When did you find out your son was being investigated?”

Biden, who was hugging his wife, turned back and said, “Thanks for the congratulations. I appreciate it.”

Both Biden and his wife, Jill, have avoided or deflected questions about Hunter Biden in recent days.

Asked if his son committed a crime, Joe Biden told reporters last week: “I’m proud of my son.”

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