Graphic Video Shows Exactly What Happens When Gov’t Takes Away Citizens’ Guns


There’s a solid reason that our Founding Fathers included the right to bear arms along with all the other basic rights of our citizenship.

And that’s to deter authorities, be they local or national, from ever behaving in a tyrannical manner.

What’s truly astonishing about liberals’ opposition to the Second Amendment is that examples of precisely what our Founding Fathers were trying to prevent remain abundant in the world today.

In many countries, authoritarian governments have taken away citizens’ guns, only to then brutally oppress those now-defenseless citizens.

Take, for instance, Haiti, where the Prince George Citizen reports that citizens there are trying to rise up against a corrupt government, but are being brutally suppressed because they aren’t allowed to own guns and have no means of defending themselves.

Conservative commentator Col. (ret.) Kurt Schlicter posted to Twitter a shocking video clip of what’s happening in Haiti, noting that Democrats apparently want the same for America:

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