Graham calls for a special counsel to investigate ‘potential crimes’ by DOJ and FBI


WASHINGTON (SBG) – During an interview with Fox News Channel, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said that a special counsel is needed to investigate “potential crimes” against the Department of Justice.

Graham stated that he felt two questions needed answering through an investigation.

“There are two questions that I think the public deserves an answer to. Did they short-circuit the Clinton e-mail investigation because they wanted her to win,” Sen Graham asked. ” They knew if they charged her she might lose. Did they start the Russian investigation against Trump as an insurance policy in case he did win? Those are the two questions that I’ll try to get you answers to.”

Graham continued that an investigation into “potential crimes” committed by the DOJ and FBI would look into the Clinton e-mail investigation and the Russian investigation against Trump and see if unethical behavior was taking place at the department early on.

“The point is the Congress, me, not going to the House, we’re going to call them all before the committee. Did they try to invoke the 25th Amendment to take the president down? Did they get a warrant against an American citizen [Carter Page] using information they know was flawed,” Graham said. “Did they tank the Clinton email investigation because they were afraid if they indicted her she would lose an election they wanted her to win? You’re going to get answers to that, the best I can give them to you.”

The Senator from South Carolina added that he felt the Department of Justice was going to ensure that the nvestigation into Clinton’s email wouldn’t get too far.

Graham also took to the Senate floor Thursday calling to amend the House-passed Mueller resolution to launch a special counsel investigation. He first introduced the Special Council Independence Protection Act on Aug. 3, 2017, which limits the removal of a special counsel.

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