Gov’t Silences Pro-Life Voices to Make Way for More Abortions


In May of last year, Irish voters stunned the rest of the Catholic world by voting “Yes” to legalize abortion.

Now, those who pushed through the shameful legislation want the government to silence all those opposed.

And the government is apparently ready to do just that.

From Life Site News:

The strategy by which the pro-abortion side wish to silence debate on abortion is through censorship zones, similar to those deployed in the UK around abortion centers. These zones prevent peaceful witness close to abortion centers, as well as prohibiting the offer of practical and emotional support to pregnant women, and the offer of an alternative to abortion.

This really makes you wonder about two things.

First, what are the pro-choice activists afraid of? What do they care if well-meaning Christians manage to convince a woman to not have an abortion?

Second, these same activists typically belong to the progressive secular crowd, and yet they are championing abortion in a very religious manner. Pushing for the “right to choose” is one thing. Trying to silence those who might otherwise persuade women to not have abortions sounds like religious adherents determined to prevent one of their own from switching sides.

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