Gov’t Lets Muslims Run Their Own School. It Goes EXACTLY As You Would Expect


Clueless liberals who still thing immigrating Muslim masses are here to integrate just got a rude wake-up call.

A Muslim group in England was provided state funding to establish its own school.

Just as anyone with his or her head screwed on straight could have predicted, the Muslims proceeded to established and run the school in accordance with Sharia Law.

Well, that’s a problem, because a lot of what Sharia Law advocates is actually a violation of Western standards and laws.

So it will surprise no one except for braindead liberals to learn that the school was unlawfully segregation boys and girls while promoting domestic violence and marital rape.

From Breitbart:

England’s first state-funded Muslim secondary schools – that segregated boys and girls and had books promoting domestic violence and marital rape – is to be taken over by the Government.

The Al-Hijrah School in Birmingham, which became state-funded in 2001, was put into special measures last summer after the pro-rape texts were found in the institution’s library and a child died from an allergic reaction.

In a report published in May, the inspector Ofsted also identified bullying, said the playground was chaotic, teaching was poor, pupils were not safe and some staff did not know what to do in medical emergencies. The school was given an “inadequate” judgment, the lowest ranking.

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