Governor On Biden’s Mandate: Doesn’t Know What’s Going On In States Because He Skips Weekly Governor Meetings


Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts slammed President Joe Biden on Sunday for the administration’s vaccine mandate, saying that Biden does not know what is going on in the states because he does not attend his own administration’s weekly governors meeting.

When asked by Fox News anchor Chris Wallace whether he was being “cavalier with the health” of the people of Nebraska, Ricketts responded, “What we’re doing is focusing on preserving our hospital capacity, which we have successfully done here in Nebraska.”

“We’ve got the third, we’re tied for the third lowest mortality rate of any state in the country for people who have contracted COVID-19, and so we protected that hospital capacity to provide that care,” he said.

“And again, we can look at the data specifically around children and see the risks. Last year in Nebraska, if you were aged 10-19, you were 26 times more likely to die in a car accident than you were of COVID-19.”

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