Gov. Tate Reeves, Mississippi Won’t Comply with Biden National Lockdown


Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves (R) on Thursday signaled that his state would not comply with a mandatory six-week national quarantine if former Vice President Joe Biden wins the presidential election.

“We’re not going to participate in a nation-wide lockdown,” Reeves stated during a coronavirus update in reference to a Biden adviser’s proclaimed that a national lockdown could help combat the virus.

Reeves lampooned the idea of a lockdown as “totally and completely beyond reasonableness” and warned it would cause economic damage.

“That’s not the way the economy works,” the governor said.

Reeves then explained that Biden would lack the constitutional authority to force states to abide by a shutdown, saying: “We will certainly fight that if necessary.”

On Tuesday, Dr. Michael Osterholm, who sits on Biden’s coronavirus task force, suggested the idea of a nationwide lockdown to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Osterholm told MSNBC’s Morning Joe: “In the first week of August, Neel Kashkari, the president of the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank, and I wrote an op-ed piece in The New York Times that basically said we need to, in a sense, lock down to drive this infection level to a place where we can actually control it with testing and tracing and follow-up that way, just like the Asian countries have done. And I’m talking about everything from Australia to New Zealand, all the way right up through China, Japan. All of those countries have done it already.”

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