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Gov. Bill Lee Pushes For Permit-Less Gun Carry Bill Ahead Of Legislative Discussion


A once-sidelined bill is back in the Tennessee legislature again. If passed, anyone over the age of 21 could legally carry a gun without a permit.

A bill could get rid of the state’s gun permit requirements. It’s going before the House and Senate starting Tuesday.

If made into law, anyone over the age of 21 could carry a firearm if they meet the requirements.

Lawmakers first introduced the bill in 2020,  but it was delayed, in part, because of the pandemic.

Right now, Tennessee has two different gun permits and both require some sort of training, whether it’s on a range or through an online video.

There are several states surrounding Tennessee that already have a “Constitutional carry” law.

People on both sides of the issues have strong feelings for their side.

John Harris, the executive director for the Tennessee Firearms Association believes those current permits in the Volunteer State go against the second amendment.

“They’re prohibited from imposing infringement on the ability to carry a gun. And a permit is an infringement,” Harris said. “The fact is, Tennessee is pretty far behind the eight ball in terms of allowing its citizens who can legally possess firearms to carry them.”

Harris doesn’t believe SB0765, the bill endorsed by Lee and filed by Senator Jack Johnson, is a true Constitutional Carry bill. He, along with other gun advocates in his group are more keen on other bills also filed during the legislative session.

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“It doesn’t fully make Tennessee a Constitutional carry state or a permit-less carry state, but it’s an improvement over where we are now, slightly,” Harris explained.

He said the states that have already adopted a similar law, that doesn’t require … (Read more)

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