Gov. Andrew Cuomo Pleads With Citizens To Return To New York City


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo begged citizens to return to New York City.

Cuomo reportedly told attendees of a virtual conference call for the Association for a Better New York that the city would need residents who fled the city — especially those who completed remote work elsewhere — to promptly return.

“Remember, we have to get people back and we have to get people back in volume,” said Cuomo as quoted by Fox Business. “If you were to see a 15% decline of people coming back to New York City, that would have a devastating impact on the commercial market.”

“We need people coming back,” he added. “Say to your workforce, ‘By Labor Day, everyone is back in the office.’”

“We need that volume to support the restaurants and the shops, the services,” Cuomo said. “It’s not just about your business. It’s about all the spinoff effect economic activity that your workers bring to the surrounding community.”

Leaders in the state of New York — and New York City in particular — enforced some of the most aggressive COVID-19 lockdown measures in the United States. As a result, New York is currently the lowest-ranked state for post-recession economic recovery.

According to the Back-to-Normal Index — a project of Moody’s Analytics and CNN Business that monitors economic recovery from the lockdown-induced recession — New York is only operating at 81% of its pre-recession strength. Other states with lackluster economic recoveries include Illinois (82%), California (87%), Oregon … (Read more)

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