GOT EM! CIA Tells Trump Who’s Been Leaking Classified Info to Media


Liberals embedded deep in the US government who remain loyal to Obama have been trying to disrupt the Trump Administration by systematically leaking sensitive (and often false) information to the media.

But the CIA knows who these people are, and has given a list of names to President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. They are GOING DOWN.

This bombshell was dropped by former US attorney for the District of Columbia, Joseph diGenova.

If it’s as bad as we think, what the CIA has revealed to Trump amounts to nothing short of subversion and treason by Obama and the Democrat Party.

Working against a sitting president from within the government is a crime, plain and simple.

The coming days are likely to be VERY tense as Trump and Sessions decide exactly how to go after these people.

And if Obama himself should be implicated.

And if so, what does that mean? Could a former US president be put on trial for treason?

Do you think Obama deserves that?

H/T Conservative Tribune

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