GOP Say WH ‘Intentionally’ Left Out One Of Jackson’s Child P0rn Cases


Republicans are furiously asserting that the White House ‘intentionally’ engaged in a ‘cover up’ by not turn over materials to the Judiciary Committee on a child pornography case where Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson significantly broke from the probation office recommendation.

‘Not only does this case, which Judge Jackson left off her list of child abuse cases, undercut her argument that she followed the probation office’s recommended sentences, but it also underscores the perils of moving too quickly in the vetting process,’ a Republican Judiciary Committee aide told Fox News.

‘Committee Republicans only just got the sentencing transcript for this case on Friday, after the hearing had ended,’ the GOP aide said. ‘Clearly, the White House either didn’t thoroughly vet the nominee, or were aware of the record and the intentionally left it out in hopes that the nominee would be confirmed before the full record could be uncovered and reviewed.’

In response to the report, Republican Judiciary member Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina tweeted: ‘The Senate should be provided all relevant information before voting on this nomination.’

‘When we first highlighted her record on child porn cases, the White House leaked information to their friends in the media and Democrats on the Judiciary Committee,’ GOP Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri told Fox. ‘They hid it from the public despite knowing Judge Jackson gives lenient sentences to criminals. The White House is still refusing to be transparent about Judge Jackson’s record.’

Graham and Hawley are two Republican members who were most harsh on Jackson, specifically regarding her sentencing history of child porn offenders.

In late February, President Joe Biden announced that he was nominating Judge Jackson to replace liberal Justice Stephen Breyer, who is retiring at the end of this term over the summer.

Democrats are hoping to vote on Jackson’s nomination by April 8, when the Senate breaks for its spring recess.

During questioning last week, Republicans tore into the judge for her sentencing record in child pornography cases – taking that as the main attack line against President Biden’s liberal nominee.

A specific case, U. S. v. Cane, involved ‘over 6,500 files depicting children appearing to be of elementary, middle and high school ages, engaged in sexual acts or posing sexually.’

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While the probation office recommended a 84-month sentence, Jackson sentenced the defendant to 60 months in prison, which is the mandatory minimum.

The case was not turned over to the Judiciary Committee before the four-days of hearings last week and some Republicans are raising questions on whether the administration ‘intentionally left it out’ of the materials.

The sentencing came less than a year ago, just as Jackson was about to be elevated to the D. C. Circuit Court as a Biden nominee.

Last week, Jackson faced two days of grilling from the 22 members of the Judiciary panel in the upper chamber.

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All members and the nominee gave opening remarks last Monday, followed by Tuesday’s questionin… (Read more)

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