GOP Recruits 4,000 Poll Watchers For ‘Most Aggressive Ballot Security Operation In Georgia History’


EXCLUSIVE: Republicans in Georgia have recruited more than 4,000 volunteers to serve as poll watchers during the state’s early voting period ahead of the Jan. 5 Senate runoffs, part of what they call the “largest and most aggressive” ballot security operation in the state’s history.

That’s more than the number of volunteers who signed up during the general election, and the most in the state’s history, a Georgia GOP official told Fox News.

The official told Fox News that the state party will have “regular trainings for poll workers” leading up to Jan. 5.

The official also said the state party is “doing everything in our power” to ensure that there is “transparency” surrounding signature matching on absentee ballots.

Georgia Republican Party Chairman David Shafer, this month, sent a letter to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger requesting that he allow the state party to monitor all absentee ballot signature matching in all counties. The request comes after the Georgia GOP, senators and Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp have requested an audit of the signatures on absentee envelopes from the Nov. 3 general election.

The Republican National Committee, Georgia’s state Republican Party, and the National Republican Senatorial Committee have sent thousands of staffers and volunteers to the Peach State ahead of next month’s Senate runoffs, and has committed to spending at least $20 million in the state in support of GOP Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler in an effort to “ensure the runoff elections are safe and secure and that every legal vote is counted.”

“Georgia Republicans are building the largest and most aggressive ballot security operation in Georgia history,” Shafer told Fox News. “We have filed lawsuits to make sure that there are eyes on every part of the election process that is legally open to the public.”

Shafer said that Republicans will “fight to count every lawful vote and reject every unlawful vote.”

“It is imperative that every Georgian concerned about election integrity vote in the January 5 runoff election,” Shafer said.

Meanwhile, Republicans in the state are working to ensure that drop box locations for ballots are monitored, demanding footage from all drop box locations be provided to the Republican Party daily.

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“We have sent open records requests to counties asking for their footage,” the official said.

The RNC on Tuesday filed a lawsuit to ensure Georgia election law is “properly followed” ahead of the Jan. 5 Senate runoff elections, demanding access for GOP poll watchers and more restrictions around the use of ballot drop boxes.

The RNC lawsuit, first obtained by Fox News, seeks enforcement of “two vital facets of the Georgia Election Code governing the rights of duly appointed poll watchers and statutory safeguards attending the use of ballot ‘drop boxes’ as a method of absentee voting.”

The RNC argued that during the Nov. 3 general election and the subsequent recounts in Georgia, “the legal right of political party committees to appoint poll watchers to observe the process was abridged in numerous polling and tabulation locations” across the state.

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“Upon information and belief, the same or substantially similar unlawful practices will resume in connection with the imminent January 5, 2021 runoff election,” the RNC’s lawsuit claims, adding that Georgia election of

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