GOP Moves To Impeach


A Pennsylvania state representative has introduced resolutions to impeach four of the five state Supreme Court justices who voted to override congressional district maps they said were unfairly gerrymandered on partisan lines.

The resolutions, introduced by state Rep. Cris Dush (R), accuse Justices Kevin Dougherty, Christine Donohue, Debra McClosky Todd and David Wecht of misbehavior in office.

A fifth resolution to impeach Supreme Court Justice Max Baer is pending introduction.

In a memo to fellow House members, Dush said the ruling overriding Pennsylvania’s U.S. House district lines amounted to an overstep of judicial authority under the state Constitution, which lays out the path by which a bill becomes a law – in this case, a bill to delineate the district lines after the decennial Census and reapportionment process.

Pennsylvania lawmakers have only impeached one member of the state Supreme Court in the history of the Commonwealth. That vote came in 1994, when the state Supreme Court chief justice was removed from office after being convicted on two counts of conspiracy.

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