GOP Lawyer Discovered All the Evidence of Seth Rich’s Death — Heads Straight to Court


Jack Burkman, a GOP lawyer and lobbyist, has filed a new lawsuit claiming that former Democrat National Committee chief Donna Brazile knows why Democrat operative Seth Rich was murdered last year.

DNC staffer Seth Rich was shot and killed in July of 2016 as he walked on the sidewalk in Washington D.C. The police said it was a botched robbery, but when police found his body, nothing was missing. After his death many conspiracy theories sprang up insisting that Rich was the man who leaked all those internal Democrat emails to Wikileaks that caused the Democrats so much trouble during the late presidential election.

What ever actually happened to Mr. Rich, Burkman thinks that Brazile knows what happened, Conservative Tribune reported.

Burkman has filed a number of lawsuits relating to information about Rich’s death. His most recent lawsuit, according to WND, involves “a federal lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee for the release of the hacked DNC server they claim will reveal key information in solving the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich.”

Burkman amended that suit this week to include Donna Brazile, who dedicated her book “Hacks” to Rich and wrote several odd passages in which she seemed to indicate she believed, at some level, the conspiracy theories surrounding his death.

In her book, Brazile mentioned how she felt about Rich’s death.

“I felt some responsibility for Seth Rich’s death. I didn’t bring him into the DNC, but I helped keep him there working on voting rights. With all I knew now about the Russians’ hacking, I could not help but wonder if they had played some part in his unsolved murder,” Brazile wrote.

Brazile also said she worried that Rich may have been killed because he was a white guy walking “on the wrong side of town.”

But in her book, Brazile also said she asked Hillary Clinton to help fund the investigation to find out what happened to Seth Rich.

“I knew the campaign had over $3 million set aside in a legal fund. Could she help me get this lawsuit started? And don’t forget the murder of Seth Rich, I told her. Did she want to contribute to Seth’s reward fund? We still hadn’t found the person responsible for the tragic murder of this bright young DNC staffer,” Brazile said.

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Brazile added that Clinton said it was a good idea, but then never followed through with the effort.

In any case, Burkman thinks Brazile knows far more than what she has said. Burkman also hopes that the lawsuit will force the DNC to reveal the contents of their servers for the first time.

“In this case, we will finally, after a year and a half, get these servers. That, among other pieces of evidence, is probably the single most important piece of evidence in this case,” Burkman said.

“That will shed light on the entire Seth Rich mystery — we will know whether he was the leaker, we will know whether the Russians were involved, we will know whether WikiLeaks was involved,” Burkman added.

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