GOP Caucus In Georgia Senate Calls For Forensic Audit Of Election


The official Republican majority caucus of Georgia’s senate is calling for a forensic audit of all election data, and for election officials to engage with investigations into fraud.

“We insist that all counties immediately preserve all data from the November 3, 2020 General Election in order to conduct a forensic audit,” said the Georgia Senate Republicans Caucus in an announcement on Dec. 9. “We also call on these counties to perform a signature audit.”

They also said they will continue to hold further hearings into election fraud until and beyond Jan. 5, the date of the all-important double run-off elections that will settle the fate of the United States Senate.

They indicated, however, that they did not believe the law allows them to appoint their own presidential electors.

In a list of announcements, the GOP group said they would also fund the Secretary of State’s call to investigate out-of-state residents moving to Georgia for the sole purpose of voting in the run-off.

The Republican group said it will also pass legislation to reverse the “detrimental effects” of the controversial consent decree—the decree criticized for allegedly making signature matching so difficult as to be virtually impossible to carry out in practice.

They said the new legislation would be introduced “as soon as we may constitutionally convene,” along with bills aimed at eliminating at-will absentee voting and requiring photo ID for absentee votes.

They also called on the Secretary of State to immediately release a certified list of all voters from the Nov. 3 election, along with a certified list of all newly registered voters from October 5–December 7, 2020 in the state.

The Epoch Times has contacted the Georgia Secretary of State’s office for comment.

“Georgia Senate Republicans have heard the calls of millions of Georgians who have raised deep and heartfelt concerns that state law has been violated and our elections process abused in our November 3, 2020 elections,” said the GOP caucus.

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