Google FURIOUS After Top Engineer Says Men Are Men, And Women Are Women


The cause du jour of liberals everywhere is trying to blur the lines of gender. In other words, men are no longer men, and women no longer women.

A top engineer at Google has gotten himself into hot water for calling out this movement as nothing but liberal nonsense.

In a 3,000-word memo circulated within the company, the unnamed engineer pointed out what used to be universally-accepted and obvious differences between male and female employees.

He wrote:

On average, men and women biologically differ in many ways. These differences aren’t just socially constructed. They’re universal across human cultures…

Googles (sic) left bias has created a politically correct monoculture that maintains its hold by shaming dissenters into silence,” the engineer wrote. “This silencing has created an ideological echo chamber where some ideas are too sacred to be honestly discussed.

Distribution of preferences and abilities of men and women differ in part due to biological causes and that these differences may explain why we don’t see equal representation of women in tech and leadership.

In short, the engineer explained that women have a biological predisposition to work-life balance, a greater draw toward raising and caring for family. Men, on the other hand, “have a higher drive for status on average.”

He’s trying to get it through liberals’ thick heads that women being underrepresented in hi-tech has nothing to do with a lack of ability, but rather different priorities in life.

And that’s the thing about the effort to blur the lines between genders — it’s actually brainwashing both men and women to go against their natural tendencies and preferences.

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Google released statements harshly denouncing the engineer’s remarks. But the very fact that the engineer wasn’t fired over the incident indicates that he’s a senior employee.

Meanwhile, the engineer posted that a great many others both in the company and the wider tech industry reached out to thank him for risking his job to speak out.

Source: Reuters

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