Google Was Just Caught Doing the Unthinkable – Were You Affected?


This one was too blatant to ignore.

For years, conservatives have complained that Silicon Valley’s top tech executives are biased against all but liberal agendas, and are misusing their online platforms to smear and silence Republicans.

And, what do you know, that’s precisely what Google was caught doing last week.

California is about to hold a pretty big and important primary election.

So, naturally, a lot of voters are turning to Google to find out about the issues, the candidates and the parties they represent.

But the search giant turned out to be nothing but a shill for the Democratic Party when it labeled the California Republican Party as part of the Nazi movement.

Google search results for popular topics will typically include a “knowledge panel” to the right of the main results.

Visitors searching last week for “California Republicans” were presented with such a panel regarding the California Republican Party, which listed “Nazism” as being first among its ideologies.

This horrendous act of bias has since been fixed, but not before a lot of people grabbed screenshots.

Who needs Russian interference when our own technology companies are all too happy to manipulate and engage in false smear campaigns to influence elections?

Via Vice news

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