GOG AND MAGOG? Israeli and Russian Jets Reportedly Clash in Skies Over Lebanon


Many feared it was only a matter of time.

After all, the Bible seems to hint at a future conflict between Israel and Russia in the prophecy referred to as the “war of Gog and Magog.”

For years now, Israel’s air force has been conducting raids against Iranian and terrorist installations in war-torn Syria.

The real risk is that Russia is also active militarily in Syria, and Israel has been careful to avoid accidental Russian casualties in its air strikes.

It’s worked, so far.

But, reports are now coming in that two Israeli jets sent to strike targets in Syria over the weekend were intercepted by Russian fighters in the skies over neighboring Lebanon.

From the Times of Israel:

In a rare incident Israeli warplanes were reportedly intercepted by Russian fighter jets over Lebanon early Monday morning, despite an understanding in place between Moscow and Jerusalem to avoid conflict between the two countries.

Hadashot news, citing Lebanese and Russian media outlets, said that 2 Israeli Air Force F-16 planes were challenged by Sukhoi Su-34 jets over Tripoli and forced away.

Al Masdar news said it was the first time in months that Russian planes had entered Lebanese airspace from Syria. The news agency said the reason for the mission was unknown.

Israeli jets reportedly often fly over Lebanese airspace conducting reconnaissance missions. Reports have also said that many of Israel’s attacks on targets in Syria have been launched from Lebanese airspace.

Other reports indicated that Israel’s repeated strikes on Iranian and Hezbollah targets were having too big of an impact on the stability of Russia’s allies in the Syrian regime, and that Moscow was no longer willing to tolerate the Israeli interference.

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