Gloria Allred Accidentally Tells The Truth About Her Client And Roy Moore! [VIDEO]


Celebrity Attorney Gloria Allred who is representing Roy Moore accuser Beverly Young Nelson made a guest appearance on MSNBC’s MTP Daily in which she said that she had not asked her client if she saw Moore sign her yearbook.

One day earlier before the press conference in Birmingham, AL, a lot of questions had been asked about the authenticity of the signature, which the attorney had held up as evidence to back up her client’s claim against Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.

This is a transcript of the full conversation:

Tur: Does your client, Beverly Young Nelson, remember him signing it?

Allred: She remembers – well, she remembers being with him. It was on the counter. She alleges that he took it, that he signed it and she was thrilled that he had signed it, because, as far as she knew, he was a D.A. and that was an important position.

Tur: So she saw him sign it?

Allred: I don’t believe at the time she had a clue whether he was an assistant D.A. or a D.A., but he signed it, she took it. As far as she knows, I mean, there’s no reason for her to think it’s anybody’s but his signature.

Tur: But did she see him sign it?

Allred: You know, I don’t – I haven’t asked her if she saw him, but we did describe what happened that evening in question. What she alleges was that she put it on the counter; that I think she asked to sign – or that he did sign it. That’s all.

Tur: I ask this because it seems you’re not 100% sure that it is his signature, and if you’re not 100% sure that it is his signature, why would you show it at a press conference?

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Allred: Well, why would – you know, why does anybody doubt that it is his signature?


H/T: Breitbart

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