Global Warming? Mathematician Catches Climate Scientists in Major Lie to the American People


It would seem that the arguments of scientists pushing the narrative of global warming are unraveling.

Otherwise, why would they bother to fudge the numbers? If climate change was really occurring how they’re saying, there would be no need to manipulate the data.

But, that’s precisely what they’re doing. Altering the facts (remember when liberals howled about “alternative facts”?) to fit their agenda.

Only this time, they were caught red-handed.

A new paper published by researchers at Princeton University and UC San Diego’s Scripps Institute of Oceanography and published in the scientific journal Nature made the dramatic claim that ocean temperatures had risen a whopping 60 percent more than previously estimated by the United Nations.

The claim was clearly designed to spark panic.

It was also entirely false, which calls into question just how rigorously Nature bothers to check the data submitted by would-be authors.

At any rate, mathematician Nic Lewis immediately noted the discrepancies in the evidence presented in the Nature article, and alerted the public via the blog Judith Curry.

In short, Lewis explained that the authors of the new sensationalist report had devised a “novel method” allowing them to inflate previously accepting findings on ocean temperatures by up to 600 percent.

If man-made climate change is such a concrete fact, as liberals so often insist, you really have to wonder why they resort to such trickery to make their point.

H/T Conservative Tribune

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