Gladys Knight Schools Don Lemon On the National Anthem and It’s Viral


Legendary singer Gladys Knight appeared as a guest on CNN with Don Lemon and school the host ok what the National Anthem is all about.


“growing up we sang the nat. anthem & we said prayers at school”

“It’s about respect..there are so many that have died for our great country even in my family”

Watch how @donlemon tries to scare her by implying she could lose her career. So sick. This is how the left is trying to bully everyone into submitting to their hatred. They will make sure they destroy your career & your livelihood unless you bow down to their divisive ideology

Isn’t it sad that a 73-year-old woman who walked with Dr. King has to be subjected to such nonsense; that she is shamed for singing the National Anthem of the country she was born in & a country her family members are risking their lives to defend. the media is the enemy of America


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