UH-OH! Shoppers Give TARGET a Holiday Wake-Up Call


Conservative shoppers will make this a very un-merry Christmas for Target if the mega-chain doesn’t get its act together.

The conservative activist group 2ndVote is calling on anyone concerned with family values to boycott the store this holiday season.

An online campaign titled #AnywhereButTARGET has already gained a wide following.

The group’s website reads:

“This Christmas season, we’re sending a message to one of the top corporate supporters of the liberal, LGBT agenda. We’re shopping #AnywhereButTARGET because we don’t think conservatives should fund Target’s dangerous social agenda.”

Really, Target?!

Target came under enormous criticism starting in April after it announced that so-called transgender customers could use whichever bathrooms or fitting rooms they desired.

Reasonable adults were outraged, noting that the policy could be easily exploited by pedophiles and other sexual predators.

H/T Western Journalism

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