Giuliani Tells Mueller It’s Over – He Can Forget About Trump


The charade is over.

Thank God President Trump has Rudy Giuliani on his legal team, cause there’s no way he’s letting Trump get ambushed by Robert Mueller and his witch hunt.

In an interview with Fox News on Thursday, Giuliani said the fact that the Mueller team hasn’t dealt properly with its own scandals has put the possibility of questioning the president “further away.”

Via Breitbart:

Giuliani said an agreement is “Probably further away. When you see this kind of thing, you’re a lawyer, would you walk your client into a kangaroo court, with guys who donated 36,000 to his opponent, cried at her loss party, represented the scoundrel who broke the hard drive?”

He added that while Peter Strzok is off the Mueller team, “they’ve never unraveled the taint that he created, nor do we know about the texts of the people that are there right now. I want to see their texts in 2016.”

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