Giuliani, Sets Sights On Schiff & Pelosi: ‘How Can We Let These Phony and Corrupt Politicians Destroy Our Nation?’


Rudy says that he used the time while President Trump was under investigation by the Democrats and their head witch hunter (facade) Mueller, to collect evidence of the crimes that the Obama admin was allegedly engaged in, in Ukraine.

The former US Attorney for the Southern District of New York has previewed some of the information he has collected thus far, and is yet to disappoint.

Before we get to the next target, Pelosi and Schiff, here is one example of the kind of information Rudy has been collecting:

We have seen Rudy seated next to a former Ukrainian prosecutor, Victor Shokin, as the former prosecutor told One America News’, Chanel Rion, that he was told to close the investigation into Burisma, and that the order came from the Obama administration, specifically at the behest of Joe Biden.

Speaking through an interpreter, while seated next to Giuliani, who was feverishly taking notes,  Shokin said:

“Yes, that’s what he [Ukrainian President Poroshenko] he told me.  He came to me and said you are a patriot of Ukraine. We need this billion dollars.  We’re at war and if you are a patriot you will close this case.

“My conversation with Poroshenko on this was in a phone call.  It was after we started seizing Burisma assets in Ukraine when Poroshenko called me and said listen, this all has to stop already.

Joe Biden’s temper is overflowing.  This seizing of Burisma assets was the last straw.

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