Girl Scouts to Sue Boy Scouts Over Ridiculous Surrender to Gender Politics


They finally went too far.

The Girl Scouts of America isn’t an organization you think of when talking about bitter legal battles.

But that’s about to become the new reality as the Girl Scouts gear up for the fight of their lives against non other than the Boy Scouts of America.

It turns out that the Boy Scouts really are going to rebrand as simply Scouts BSA, and will start admitting girls in their ranks… making the Girl Scouts redundant as an independent organization.

From Reuters:

In the complaint, the Girl Scouts said the Boy Scouts have no monopoly over such terms as “scouts” and “scouting” when it offers services to girls.

It also said the name change threatens to “marginalize” Girl Scouts activities and has already sown confusion, with families, schools and communities nationwide being told the organization no longer exists, or merged with the Boy Scouts.

“Confusion” is a nice way of putting it. I can think of a few more colorful terms for this upheaval of our society.

This is where our ridiculous liberal gender politics have brought us.

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