OMG! Entitled Brat Files INSANE Complaint Against McDonald’s


A young girl who is, sadly, representative of where our liberal, entitled youth are at today filed the most insane complaint against McDonald’s.

The girl appeared before the Santa Clarita City Council in California sporting pink hair and lamenting the unavailability of a McRib sandwich at her local eatery.

As the girl told the council in the following video:§

“Every Thanksgiving, my family would like order a 50 piece chicken McNugget and like 10 McRibs and it was like– like a tradition in our family.”

With the McRib off the menu, her family’s holiday season has been “messed up and broken.”

She approached McDonald’s managers, but was turned away. So the girl hoped the city council would take up her critical cause.


H/T Chicks on the Right

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