Gillibrand Quick To Call Out Franken, Kavanaugh, Clinton, Trump — But Not Cuomo


Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand — who led the charge resulting in former Minnesota Sen. Al Franken’s resignation over sexual misconduct claims — still says it’s not the time to call for Gov. Andrew Cuomo to step down.

Talk of Cuomo’s resignation “isn’t the right conversation we should be having” and puts female lawmakers in an unfair position, Gillibrand told Yahoo Finance on Tuesday.

“Asking every female elected in our state when a person should resign or not resign really isn’t the conversation we should be having,” she told the outlet.

“And I have to say, it’s exceedingly frustrating because so many men who are also in public leadership aren’t asked these questions day today,” Gillibrand continued. “The women in our state are not meant to be judges, jurors and executioners.”

The senator has previously called the allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct levied against Cuomo “serious and deeply concerning.”

But she said that the independent investigation, from two attorneys named by Attorney General Letitia James, should be allowed to take its course.

“As requested by Attorney General James, the matter should be refer… (Read more)

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