Germany Does the UNTHINKABLE in Response to Muslim Refugee Rampage


Muslim refugees and immigrants in Germany have carried out devastating terrorist attacks, harassed native Germans relentlessly and set up no-go Sharia zones.

In response, the government of Chancellor Angela Merkel is doing something totally unthinkable.

She is setting aside nearly $100 million in taxpayers’ money to pay Middle East migrants to voluntarily leave Germany.

Merkel’s government began putting the program into place after a Tunisian immigrant murdered a truck driver and then plowed his vehicle into a Christmas market in Berlin back in December, killing 12 and wounding 56 others.

President Trump has called Merkel’s decision in 2015 to open wide Germany’s gates to Muslim migrants a “catastrophic” mistake.

Many in the German government now admit they totally underestimated the flow of refugees and immigrants from the Middle East.

And now the German taxpayers are going to have to pay to get their country back.

Source: Breitbart

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