Geraldo Visits Puerto Rico Blows Lid Off What’s Been Happening to Trump


While the liberal media is attacking Trump on how he managed the situation in Puerto Rico after the hurricane, the people of Puerto Rico have spoken, and they are very pleased with President Trump’s actions.

Geraldo Rivera explained to Fox & Friends on Friday that Trump was doing everything he could.

Rivera stated, “He has been getting the worst, most dishonest press about his visit to Puerto Rico. It is staggering to me how unfair — how grotesquely unfair — the reporting has been.”

Rivera actually has family that resides in Puerto Rico, and they witnessed for themselves Trump’s visit. They explained that 90 to 95 percent of the people President Trump met on his trip were enthusiastic about his visit.


Rivera explained on air that the media has a way of distorting the truth in order to fit their narrative.

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