Georgia State Patrol HQ Vandalized During Protest, Fireworks Thrown Inside Spark Fire


Atlanta protesters vandalized the Georgia State Patrol headquarters early Sunday, spraying graffiti and sparking a fire inside the building with fireworks, the agency said.

As many as 100 people, many dressed in black and wearing masks, marched outside the building at around 1 a.m., the Georgia State Patrol (GSP) said in an emailed statement. The agency described the group as protesters, who carried rocks, fireworks, and spray paint.

Video footage from the scene shows a group of several dozen people outside the building and the sound of drums beating in the background. Several fireworks are set off. A loud bang is followed by a red flash from inside the building, where smoke can be seen through a glass window.

A few people clad in black can be seen walking up to the window carrying what appears to be fireworks, the video shows. The GSP said fireworks thrown through a window of the building caused a small fire in… (Read more)

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