George Foreman Delivers Knock Out Blow That Has Trump Cheering


Anti-America crybabies like Colin Kaepernick are becoming the scourge of professional sports, and are feeding the vile Antifa and Black Lives Matter movements.

But a number of legendary and patriotic athletes have grown fed up with the disgusting phenomenon of disrespecting the national anthem and are now speaking out.

The latest to make his voice heard was former heavyweight boxing champion and Olympic gold medalist George Foreman.

Speaking to the “Offended America” podcast, Foreman recalled the days representing HIS nation:

“The greatest day of my life was when I put on my colors, representing the United States in the Olympics. I love the United States. I love the flag. But there are a lot of people who haven’t found that reason. They don’t strive. They haven’t been brought up with people who were patriotic to even point them in the right direction.”

H/T Conservative Fighters

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