George Clooney Thinks Trump’s the Devil, But is Now Seeking Shelter With Him?!


Ok, this has got to be the most blatant case of hypocrisy we’ve seen from Hollywood in a long time.

George Clooney was among the more vocal celebrities expressing “concern” over the election of Donald Trump, and blasting the 45th president’s policies toward immigrants and Muslim refugees.

Clooney went so far as to demand that more countries in the West open their gates to migrants from Muslim-dominated countries.

And then things got a little hot in England, where Clooney lives with his British Muslim (or is it Druze?) wife, Amal.

According to Life & Style magazine, Clooney went on a security hiring spree after Amal gave birth to the couple’s twins.

Then, following a series of terror attacks in London, the Clooney clan decided to call it quits on England and fled for the safety of Trump’s America.

After Clooney had criticized Trump for keeping American safe with his immigration policies.

You seriously can’t make this stuff up.

Source: Heatstreet

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