George Clooney Just Got DEVASTATING News Over Connection to Harvey Weinstein


The Harvey Weinstein scandal has finally exposed Hollywood for the cesspool of hypocrisy it really is.

After decades of lecturing the rest of America, we discover that what we suspected all along is true – Hollywood’s elites are a bunch of scumbags.

Still, it was somewhat surprising to see some of the names connected to Weinstein, chief among them George Clooney.

Lots of A-listers did movies produced by Weinstein, so no surprise that Clooney was among them. But George went the extra mile by actually helping cover up some of Weinstein’s abuse of women, making him complicit in these crimes.

And, it would seem America is telling Clooney exactly what it thinks of that by NOT buying tickets to his latest offering, Suburbicon.

The movie was already projected to have a low opening weekend with just $7-$10 million in ticket sales. The reality was much worse – just $3 million.

It was the lowest opening ever for a movie direct by Clooney, and for one starring his buddy and fellow Weinstein-conspirator, Matt Damon.

But it’s not just Weinstein that’s sinking Clooney.

From Breitbart:

Working against Clooney is his politically divisive personality and his track record. In this age of an ever empowered new media, the Hollywood bubble and mainstream media no longer have the power to con American moviegoers into believing he’s a modern-day Cary Grant and genius auteur. The movies he directs are just not very good.

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