George Clooney Gets NASTY SURPRISE After Slamming Trump for Muslim Ban


Hollywood’s liberal snowflakes like to whine about real-world issues. But they have no clue as they go about life in their little bubble.

Actor George Clooney is one of the worst when it comes to this.

Clooney has done some humanitarian work (always in as much luxury as he could afford), so he thinks that he knows better than everyone else.

And that includes President Trump.

Clooney was one of the biggest loudmouths after Trump signed a temporary restriction on SOME Muslim immigration. He insisted America must open its arms to any and all Muslim refugees.

It turns out, that wasn’t a very good idea.

Taking him up on the offer, a mob of Muslim refugees showed up at Clooney’s exclusive vacation mansion on the opulent Lake Como resort in Italy!

From The Daily Mail:

Italy’s celebrity hideaway Lake Como has become home to hundreds of migrants after the nearby crossing into Switzerland was blocked by Swiss officials.

Lake Como has long served as a tranquil paradise for the rich and famous, including George Clooney and Madonna.

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But the town’s railway station has been transformed into a makeshift camp, where the families live surrounded by discarded clothes, shoes, food containers and even rats.

Tensions are mounting in the luxury resort with more tents springing up every hour as more people arrive from Milan on their journey to northern Europe.

So let’s wait and see if celebrity windbags like Clooney are ready to welcome these refugees into their own private homes just as they insist the rest of American do.

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