Gene Simmons Has the PERFECT Truth Bomb for Trump-Haters


Legendary KISS frontman Gene Simmons gave Trump-haters a healthy dose of truth and reality.

Simmons appeared on “Fox & Friends” and urged all the liberals currently losing their minds to get a grip.

“We should all just take a deep breath and get on with our lives,” Simmons said. “We should be blessing this hallowed ground called America everyday. It’s going to be great. It’s going to be fine.”

The rocker noted that contrary to some previous presidents, Trump brings a pretty clean personal record to the Oval Office.

“He’s a good father. There’s no drugs, there’s no booze, there’s no craziness going on,” he pointed out.

But Simmons went on to explain that his view doesn’t really matter. Nor do the views of any other entertainers.

“Why does anybody give a squat what a guy in a band thinks about or anything like that?” he wondered. “The last thing I want to do is ask President Obama what he thinks about Led Zeppelin.”

The remark was a jab at all the liberal actors and singers who try to influence public opinion on Trump or any other politician.

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