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Gen Z – those born 1996 & later – the new CONSERVATIVES?


We all know that Generation X’ers (born 1965 – 1979) and Millinneals (born 1980 – 1995) tend to be more liberal politically than previous generations.

Well enter the Generation Z!  For the first time in years, these Gen Z’ers are more CONSERVATIVE!

Gen Z’ers may be rebelling politically against previous generations of LIBERAL influences, and according to a study by The Gild, a marketing/branding/strategy organization.  The influences include the default liberal identity of most of those under 50 and represented in their world as a whole: educators, groups such as Planned Parenthood, Black Lives Matter, NeverTrumpers, etc. ” 

According to

“Millennials were raised in a time of roaring prosperity, when video cassettes were a bigger influence than digital technology, and many came of age before the age of radical Islamic terror. Gen Z kids, by contrast, are “digital natives.”  They’ve never known life without the Internet, and have grown up surrounded by instant access to the world’s harsh realities on their smart phones.

These young people are products of conflict and recession. They can only remember a news cycle “marred by economic stress, rising student debt … and war overseas.” As a result, they’ve taken on what one team of Goldman-Sachs analysts called a “more pragmatic” and conservative outlook on the world.”

So, maybe the Democratic pundits got it wrong (again)!  Seems they thought that only old grumpy southern men could vote for Trump.  Just think? Some of those Trump voters could have been their kids!!  Oh, there is justice in the world!

Welcome Generation Z!  Glad to have you!

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