Gay Liberal Author Tries to Drop Some Truth on Hollywood, But Gets Shouted Down Instead


Andrew Sullivan is an openly-gay liberal author and columnist, and he is most definitely not a supporter of President Trump.

But at a panel discussion in Hollywood this week, he urged America’s liberal cultural elites to back down in their hostile portrayal of the majority of Americans who put Trump in the White House, namely white working-class conservatives.

Speaking at an “inclusion” event attended by entertainment industry professionals, Sullivan warned:

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“These people who are already insecure about losing their job switch on the TV, look at the newspaper and hear that they are being described as bigots, racists. And they resent it, and the one thing I would urge you people who do this type of content is try and complete the idea of ‘the other’ being in the room because they can hear what you are saying.”

Sullivan later explained to a reporter from The Hollywood Reporter that the entertainment industry’s smear campaign against average Americans was only serving to guarantee Trump’s reelection:

“When you’re a struggling, white working-class person in say, Kentucky, and a Yale student says, ‘You have white privilege,’ what do you think happens? Trump gets elected — that’s what happens. And they don’t seem to understand any of the lessons from the last time and I don’t want him to be re-elected, but I don’t think the left is helping and I don’t think Hollywood is helping.”

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But Sullivan never got to explain that to the large crowd at the Getty Center in Los Angeles because some Hollywood loudmouths started heckling him and brought the panel discussion to a premature conclusion.

That’s liberal tolerance and dialogue for you. They can’t even hash these things out between themselves without losing their minds.

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