Gavin Newsom Signs Law Allowing Trans Prisoners To Be Housed By Gender Identity


California Governor Gavin Newsom just signed a new law allowing transgender prisoners in the State to be housed based on their gender identity rather than their biological sex.

Newsom signed SB 132 Saturday — among other LGBTQ+-friendly legislation — which will require the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation’s officers to privately ask inmates during the intake process if they identify as trans, nonbinary or intersex.

If they do, the inmate can then be placed in a facility in which they feel most comfortable and safe.

The new CA law says an inmate’s request cannot be denied based solely on a prisoner’s anatomy, sexual orientation or another factor that may be present among other inmates at any given facility. What the state could deny a request over … legit “management or security concerns,” although Newsom didn’t lay out exactly what that might mean.

If an inmate’s request is denied, the stat… (Read more)

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