Gavin Newsom Recall Becomes Official; Over 1.7M Signatures Against California Dem Governor Verified


California’s effort to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom has succeeded in forcing a new election within 90 days following the validation of more than 1.5 million signatures, according to state officials.

The California Secretary of State’s Office confirmed the move Wednesday evening.

The recall petition garnered over 1.7 million signatures, of which only 43 were withdrawn, leaving the effort well above the 1.5 million threshold.

“A sufficient number of verified recall signatures had previously been reached by recall proponents in April,” the Secretary of State’s office announced in a statement. “However, in accordance with California election law, voters were given a 30-day period from April 26 to June 8th to request county officials remove their signatures from recall petitions.”

The next phase of the recall process is now in the hands of the state’s Department of Finance, which is tasked with estimating the costs of a special election. The vote must be held within 90 days.

“It’s just been one thing after another with this governor and finally he’s going to be held accountable,” state Assemblyman James Gallagher told Fox News Wednesday evening.

Gallagher, who has long criticized the governor for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and successfully sued him over mail-in balloting also ripped into him over a bombshell NPR report that found the embattled governor had “misled” the public on his state’s wildfire prevention efforts.

“This hits really close to home for me,” he said. “I represent Paradise, a town that was decimated by a wildfire in 2018. We have kept saying that we need to put more investment into fuel reduction. These fuels have built up in our forests over the decades, mostly because we’ve got rid of any kind of forestry management in California. The governor keeps telling everybody that he’s putting all kinds of money into wildfire prevention. And as it turns out, it’s been a fraction of what he’s been stating to the California public.”

Newsom’s recall effort will be the second that comes to a vote in Golden State history. The first brought Arnold Schwarzenegger int… (Read more)

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