Gavin Newsom Recall ‘At The 10 Yard Line’ As Campaign Clears 1.4 Million Signatures


The effort to force a recall vote against California Gov. Gavin Newsom is looking increasingly likely as more than 1.4 million signatures have been collected as of Thursday, according to the Recall Gavin Campaign.

The proponents of the recall effort hope to hit 2 million signatures by March 17th, but only 1.5 million are needed to trigger a mid-year election.

The recall campaign of the Democratic governors was launched by Orrin Heatlie, Chairman of The California Patriot Coalition, but other groups have joined the effort – including Republican Congressional hopeful Joe Collins, who launched a 28-day “Recall Road Trip” earlier this week.

Collins will visit 16 cities appealing to Californians frustrated with the Democratic governor’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. He will collect signatures.

“Gavin has been less than mediocre for California,” Collins told Fox News Thursday.

The Los Angeles native believes that California became a “hotbed” for the virus “due to a lack of leadership.”

“Instead of giving money to illegal immigrants, he should have given back to small businesses … he should have been transparent on why he chose to shut down California,” Collins said.

California has seen the highest number of coronavirus cases throughout the country, though the state’s death total still trails that of New York. But a recent spike in cases prompted the governor to enforce a new round of stay-at-home orders at the end of last year, infuriating California Republicans.

The state on Dec. 15 saw its highest daily caseload of the entire pandemic, with more than 53,700 cases confirmed. But following nearly two months of increased restrictions, cases have plummeted in the Golden State, with just over 13,000 cases reported Wednesday.

Collins argued that as the death rate has remained relatively low, “shutting down businesses should not have been the solution.”

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“Instead, shut down targeted public areas,” he said, adding that only people who are at a higher risk of contracting the virus shou… (Read more)

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