Gavin Newsom Faces Serious Recall Threat As Petition Gains Hundreds Of Thousands Of Signatures


An effort to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom is picking up steam at the end of a year that began with some linking the Democrat to a potential White House run at some point.

According to KCBS-TV, recall organizers said they have collected more than 750,000 signatures to put a recall initiative on the ballot. That is about halfway toward the total of 1.5 million signatures needed for voters to decide Newsom’s fate in a special election.

Those seeking the additional signatures began collecting them in June and have until mid-March to finish canvassing. But the prospect of recalling Newsom and replacing him at the polls has gained significant momentum in recent months.

The last time the state’s voters chose to recall a governor was in 2003, when Democrat Gov. Gray Davis was replaced at the polls by Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Under Newsom’s leadership, California was praised early in the coronavirus pandemic for instituting lockdowns and other measures to protect public health. But those lockdowns and other Newsom policies have proved very costly, and critics say the state is in freefall in many ways.

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Major companies are leaving the Golden State in favor of a more business-friendly atmosphere. Oracle, Hewlett-Packard and Telsa founder Elon Musk have all announced moves to Texas this year. Other companies have also exited the state, and more presumably will follow.

State unemployment levels have skyrocketed even as illegal immigrants have been supported financially by the state both through public services, and Newsom floated the idea of direct payments to those in the country illegally earlier this year.

Meanwhile, KCAL-TV, citing the California Restaurant Association, reported one-third of the state’s restaurants are expected to either permanently close or to downsize by shutting down some locations due to the restrictions.

The state’s strict coronavirus lockdown orders have angered voters statewide. Citizens have been ordered to stay at home and away from houses of worship, prompting legal challenges and acts of defiance.

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Making things worse, as small businesses and residents have struggled, high-profile California Democrats — including Newsom — have been spotted flouting the stat… (Read more)

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