Gas Crisis: Alaska Governor Says ‘Biden Is Searching For Oil Anywhere On The Planet Except At Home’


In an interview with Fox News Digital following his remarks at CPAC, Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy said a breaking point is indeed “imminent” for when the United States must stop relying on rival countries to power itself.

Dunleavy, a Republican, spoke both in his conference remarks and interview about the Last Frontier’s potential for energy dominance amid President Biden’s crackdown on domestic oil production, as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine brings new focus to the issue.

Dunleavy has long championed Alaska’s vast natural resources — such as the Section 1002 Area in the northern part of the state, which includes part of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) – where former President Trump sought to increase oil and gas development.

“The breaking point is imminent,” Dunleavy told Fox News Digital. “Both Democrats and Republicans see that the U. S. is in a national energy emergency.”

The White House is reportedly seeking to purchase oil from Iran and Venezuela to offset President Biden’s ban on Russia’s oil imports. Dunleavy said sanctions the U. S. previously placed on both countries are there for “good reason.”

“We should not lift them,” he said. “President Biden is searching for oil anywhere on the planet except at home.”

“We must reverse course and streamline permitting and drop regulations that restrict oil and natural gas production. The Keystone Pipeline would replace Venezuela, Iran, and Russian imports,” he said. Biden canceled the Keystone Pipeline during his first day in office.

Dunleavy urged Washington to again look north, not south, to power America.

“While not immediate, the Willow project in [the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska] is nearly shovel-ready and can provide a domestic source of oil,” he said. “Between the development of NPRA and the longer-term ‘1002 Area’ of ANWR, Alaska could place an additional 17 billion barrels of oil and an additional 32 trillion cubic feet of gas in the marketplace.”

During his remarks at CPAC, Dunleavy noted that Russia is extracting “massive amounts” of Arctic oil and gas – while the U. S. government says Alaska cannot do the same.

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“They’re out there laughing all the way to the bank – we are enriching them we are making them more powerful [which can] jeopardize national security,” he said, prior to the recent U. S. ban on Russian oil.

The governor told Fox News Digital that energy development is about long-term accessibility and availability:

“Alaska provides exactly that for the American people.”

Dunleavy stressed the importance of the oil and gas industry to his sta… (Read more)

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