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Frightening Statistics Show How Badly Obama Betrayed America


Obama is doing his best to transform America, and not for the better.

One way he has tried to achieve that is by flooding our country with Syrian refugees. And, little surprise, he pretty much only lets in Muslims.

Over the past month alone, Obama has admitted 1,307 additional Syrian refugees. That brings the annual total for 2016 to 15,479 that entered and were resettled in the US.

That is a 606 percent increase over 2015!

The other concerning statistic is that 98.8 percent of those refugees Obama let into America are Muslims.

That is curious, considering that Syria has a lot of Christians and other minority religious groups.

Muslims account for around 75 percent of Syria’s population. But they make up 98.8 percent of the refugees America is taking in.

Christians make up 10 percent of Syria’s population. But only 0.8 percent of the refugees admitted to the US are Christians.

Does that sound right?

Christians should be over-represented in the refugee population since they are under much more threat than the Muslims. They are under threat BY the Muslims!

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But Obama made a conscious decision NOT to be seen as a protector of downtrodden Christians. Instead, he wanted to show the Muslims how much he loves them.

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