Freshman Dem Congressman Walks Into the House on His First Day and Does the Unthinkable


So, if you were elected to Congress, how would you behave on your first time walking into the House of Representatives?

Not sure about everyone else, but I’d be pretty humbled and try to behave as respectfully as possible.

Not Rep. Joe Cunningham, a newly elected Democrat from South Carolina.

Cunningham decided that on his first time in that hallowed chamber, he’d use the opportunity to deliver a few six packs of beer to his new buddy, Democrat Peter DeFazio.

Seriously, this exchange couldn’t have waited until both men were outside?

Well, ultimately it had to, since Cunningham was barred from entering the House with the beers. But still, what a shameful display.

This is what Democrats have brought to Congress, and little more.

Via Post and Courier

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