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Freedom Convoy Truckers Remain Defiant In Face Of Trudeau’s Measures


Freedom Convoy truckers occupying Canada’s capital remained defiant Tuesday in the face of Justin Trudeau’s draconian new measures aimed at smashing their protest.

The Prime Minister’s Emergencies Act announcement has only served to harden the protestors’ stand on Day 19 – despite them facing the possibility of their bank accounts being seized for taking part.

Other measures potentially covered by the act include greater police powers and towing companies being forced to drag away the 400 rigs clogging streets near Ottawa’s Parliament Buildings.

But truckers stood firm as the city’s police chief Peter Sloly resigned after coming under fire for his handling of the occupation.

Harold Jonker – who led the first convoy of truckers into the Canadian capital – defiantly declared to ‘I am not worried about it.

‘What Trudeau is trying to do is scare us more than anything. Because at the end of the day he has no means to actually shut us down.

‘We are a peaceful protest and we are also legally here. And if he actually does try to seize our accounts it’s going to backfire on him because the public is going to back us up.

‘No matter what he tries to do, the Canadian public right away adjusts how they support us and they will support us.

‘Whatever he throws at us we can handle. We have been getting from the public an outcry of hope, joy and excitement because of what we are doing here.

Jonker, who owns ten trucks in the blockade and has parked his personal vehicle at the epicenter of the protest, said the Freedom Convoy 2022 ‘command center’ was continually devising strategies to deal with new developments.

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Speaking amid the cacophony of noise from roaring truck engines and blaring music, he added: ‘Obviously there are people in our command center that understand how all this works,’ he said. ‘And they are working day and night reacting to what Trudeau does.

‘But also the Canadian public are reacting to what he does and it has always backfired on him.

‘And the army is not coming in. That has been said publicly already.’

Jonker is one of the ‘captains’ of the Freedom Convoy, who helps organize truckers from the same region and who are all now parked up together. He led the Niagara convoy 350 miles, starting his journey from his home in St. Anns, Ontario, on January 27.

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He also dismissed the threat of tow companies being forced to grab vehicles.

‘They are not going to be coming here, because if they come here they are actually going to be towing my trucks against my will – and they know that,’ he said.

‘They want to keep my business for the future.’

He continued: ‘I was here the first day. I came in off the highway leading the Niagara convoy in. And I said to my wife as we came off the exit, I think we might be making world history here.

‘Little did I know that we actually did.

‘Trudeau has already done the worst he can to our liberty. What’s worse than not having the freedom to enjoy each other’s company? What’s worse than having families broken apart right now?’

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