Franklin Graham Tells Congress Something They Didn’t Want to Hear About Islam


Evangelist Franklin Graham is beloved by many Americans not only because he’s a solid Bible teacher. He’s also a no-nonsense leader who won’t be swayed by political correctness.

Franklin Graham seems entirely unfazed by the possibility that his against-the-grain proclamations could cost him financial support.

In other words, he’s more concerned with the truth than with money. And that’s a preacher worthy of respect.

Seemingly fulfilling the role of those Old Testament prophets who regularly chastised Israel’s kings over their ungodly behavior, Graham was at it again this week demanding that politicians stop referring to Islam as the “religion of peace.”

In the wake of the Barcelona attacks, Graham wrote:

A longer post on Facebook continued:

“We are making a mistake by allowing the operation and spread of the dark and dangerous teachings of Islam.

“From Bangladesh to Los Angeles, Salafis spread their violent beliefs shielded by the constitutional guarantees of free speech and religious liberty.

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“While there are millions of Muslims who don’t agree with or participate in the violence of Islam, they can’t leave the religion because their families would be obligated to kill them.

“Islam reigns in lives through fear and intimidation. I pray that Muslims everywhere will come to know Jesus Christ, the Son of God who loves them and can truly set them free. The Word of God tells us, ‘So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'”

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