Franklin Graham Says Trump’s Done More for Christians Than Any President


The Trump presidency has been unprecedented in so many ways.

And, while many are still not certain whether or not the president can be accurately defined as a Bible-believing Christian, Trump has undoubtedly had an impact on faith in America.

Leading Evangelical Christian leader Franklin Graham this week opened up about how he believes Trump has affected Christianity in our nation.

At the national Christmas tree lighting ceremony on December 1, Trump was unreserved in highlighting what we might call the true “reason for the season”:

“For Christians this is a holy season, the celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Christmas story begins 2,000 years ago with a mother, a father, their baby son, and the most extraordinary gift of all – the gift of God’s love for all of humanity.

“Whatever our beliefs we know that the birth of Jesus Christ and the story of this incredible life forever changed the course of human history. There’s hardly an aspect of our lives today that His life has not touched – art, music, culture, law and our respect for the sacred dignity of every person, everywhere in the world.”

In a Facebook post just hours later, Graham said he was blown away by Trump’s words, and his unabashed commitment to and defense of the Christian faith.

“Never in my lifetime have we had a president willing to take a strong, outspoken stand for the Christian faith like President Donald J. Trump has.

“Whether you are Protestant, evangelical, Orthodox, Catholic — all Christians need to get behind him with our prayers.”

Source: CNS News

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