Franklin Graham Punches Huge Hole in Nike’s Kaepernick Ad with Brutal Truth


Franklin Graham, an outspoken Christian and conservative voice, responded to Nike’s decision to openly support Kaepernick on Wednesday. Graham punched a huge hole in the advertisement, which showcased Kaepernick as a role model who “believed in something” and “sacrificed everything.”

From Graham’s point of view, which aligns with much of the American people, Kaepernick does not fit these qualities. Given the fact that Kaepernick was offered a multi-year contract from Nike and is still making millions, his “sacrifice” of giving up life as a star quarterback is practically irrelevant.

“An early image from the campaign shows a photo of Kaepernick with text that says, ‘Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.’ Starting a movement disrespecting the American flag and the national anthem is not ‘sacrificing everything,’” Graham said boldly. “And it’s hard to call a multi-year contract from Nike a sacrifice.”

“Racial injustice is never acceptable, and all Americans need to work against it on all levels,” he clarified. “But I think there are much better ways to bring about change than seemingly disrespecting the flag or the anthem that represents the very freedoms that have made this nation the best on earth.”

According to Graham, the true and “ultimate” sacrifice comes from our military personnel who “make our freedoms possible.” These are the people that should be recognized for “believing in something” and “sacrificing everything.”

“It’s like a kick in the gut to all those who have served under that flag, some making the ultimate sacrifice, to make our freedoms possible,” Graham ended.

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