Franklin Graham Banned, Asking for Prayers


Franklin Graham has been touring across America with a message of hope.

The tour of America has been so powerful and life-changing to the people whom have attended that Franklin is going to be taking his message across the pond to the United Kingdom.

Advertisements for a ‘Hope in Jesus’ event on Franklin’s UK Tour were placed on buses in Blackpool. Anti-Christian activists caught wind of the advertisements and complained to Blackpool Transport. According to Premier, the bus line caved to the hate mob and banned the Franklin Graham ads from running on their busses.

One of the complaints against Franklin is that he speaks out against homosexuality, which is to say that he preaches what the bible teaches.

Franklin Graham is not backing down in the face of persecution and instead is planning to go full steam ahead in his quest to bring his message of hope and truth to the people throughout the United Kingdom. He released a passionate statement to the people of the UK and to people all over the world:

“I’m sorry that some see hope as offensive, but I can assure you that tens of thousands of people in Blackpool and across the United Kingdom are searching for hope. Sex, drugs, money, even religion—none of these are the answer.

I’m coming to share with everyone in Blackpool, Lancashire, and across North West England that there is One who can give you hope. Hope for today, hope for tomorrow, and hope for eternity. His name is Jesus Christ! Will you pray with me for this event in September and for God to work in a mighty way to transform hearts and lives across this region?”

Please, keep Evangelist Graham in your prayers!

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