Franklin Graham: 2016 Celebrity Deaths All Had ONE THING in Common


The Reverend Franklin Graham has posted an important message to Facebook regarding the many celebrity deaths this year.

An unusually high number of notable public figures died in 2016, and Graham said they all have one thing in common.

“This week pop icon George Michael passed away at age 53, ‘Star Wars’ actress Carrie Fisher died at 60, and award winning Watership Down author Richard Adams died at the age of 96,” wrote Graham.

David Bowie, Prince, Florence Henderson, Doris Roberts, Alan Rickman, Eli Wiesel, and Gene Wilder all died earlier in the year.

Graham said it’s important to remember one thing when considering all these passings: “From the unknown to the most well-known, we all have something in common — death.”

The Evangelical leader continued:

“Our time on Earth is brief — the Bible says like ‘a vapor.’ And each of us will stand before Almighty God to give an account. There are no VIP passes or exceptions.”

Then Graham got to the clincher:

“The decision that will determine where we spend eternity is whether we have believed in His Son, Jesus Christ, trusting Him as our Savior and following Him as Lord. I hope each of these people had made that all-important decision before they took their last breath on Earth — Have you?”

Graham will deliver the benediction at President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration on January 20.

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